Retrograde’s Wisdom as a poem

Cassandra Freeman
1 min readFeb 2, 2021

There’s nothing out there

It’s all inside.

The desires, the seeking, the questions that stir deep

Are Within.

Outside is noise,

Candy distractions to hypnotize



Aways from self.

Nothing is more complex, brilliant, sacred

As the knowing of self.

I’m bored.

Of being “social”

Bored of Headlines

I’m searching for my own inner spark

My own falling in love with spirit

That will lead me to patience

An asking of

Where am I?


What am I chasing?

And for what?

And why did I make that decision?

Based on what?

At what age?

Maybe some questions get answers.

And others are meant to ponder.

In the same way we marvel at the beauty and mysteries of nature.

I’m bored of one life

In search for another

That feels like fresh air

And space.

It’s not crammed and shoved at me..

But gestures nonchalantly






Cassandra Freeman

Actress. Comedian. Mother. Bread Maker. Believer in the beauty of being fully self expressed.. IG @cassiedamsel